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Nov 16 December 2015 gradua on applica on deadline. Students must. Tui on, Fees and Health Plan. apply by this date for their name to be printed in the ocial.Sept 23 Last day to return books with receipt to University Store for full Dec 16 Last day of classes. The last date for filing income-tax returns was extended to August 5, and it ends today. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by July 31. Yes, Income Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by July 31. But in view of the day-long strike at public sectorLast date of Income tax Return filling and Audit return upload is 30th September 2016 for AY 16-17 in case of Assessee who are covered under Audit. NBC Announces fall premiere dates for new 2015-16 season.The third season of The Blacklist, starring Emmy Award winner James Spader, returns to its 9 p.m. timeslot. The Blacklist, when including live-plus-7 data, was the most-watched drama on Thursdays last season. Returns the date that corresponds to date plus the number of months indicated by the integer n. If the resulting date would have more days than are available in the resulting month, the result is the last day of that month. Last date for Filing Income Tax Returns.And last date for filing returns for FY 2015-16 which is AY 2016-17 was 5 Aug 2016. If one missed the last date for filing returns, one can still file returns till 31st Mar of the Assessment year . The last date for filing income tax return for AY 2015-16 (FY 2014-15) is August 31, 2015. However in case you are carrying on a business and your accountsIdeally everyone with income should file their IT return as it serves as valid proof of income.

Paying taxes and filing returns are two different things Ghuman added that till October 31, 2015, a total of 1,33,094 residents had filed their property returns and it included returns filed in 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16. The MC authorities were able to generate Rs 45 crore through the property tax. The MC official said the last date had been extended Fuzail, Date of IT returns in extended, not last date for payment of tax, Last date for payment of Tax is 31st March 2015 itself(If TDS not deducted), within march of every year, everybody has to pay theirJune 24, 2015 at 2:16 pm. It is better to extend the date, at least to control the evasion of tax. Extended due date for annual return of the income wealth for the assessment year 2015-16 .The last date for making investments in tax-saving instruments for claiming deduction under chapter VI of the Income Tax Act. The income tax department has extended the last date for filing tax returns for the assessment year 2015-16 till October 31. National Board of Revenue (NBR) has extended the deadline by two months to November 30 for filing income tax returns for 2015-16 tax year, reports BSS.According to NBR, around 12 lakh people submitted income tax return last year. This year, AY 2015-16, you would have one month more to efile the income tax return.In 2015, you can file the income tax return till August 31, 2015 for the income of FY 2014-15. Normally, extension is given after the rush on the last date. Exercising the powers under UP-VAT Rules, 2008, the due date for filing Annual Returns (Forms 52, 52A and 52B) from FY 2015-16 has been fixed as 31st January, 2017.

AOC4, MGT7 Last date extension. Before explaining the due date to file Income Tax return for Assessment year 2016-17 (financial year 2015-16) ,we have provided the persons who areTRANSACTION,3,last date to deposit tds,1,LAST DATE TO FILE ETDS RETURNS ,2,last date to file itr 2007-08 extended,1,late deposit of tds,2,LATE The Central Board of Direct Taxes , Extended the due date of filing return of income for AY 2015-16 from 31st July 2015 to 31st August 2015. Inclusion of Interest Income in the Return of Income filed by Persons liable to Pay Tax. IT Returns early to avoid the rush closer to the last date of filing The last date for filing income-tax returns has been extended to August 5. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by July 31.In view of todays bank strike and disturbance in JK, the due date of IT return filing is being extended, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Earlier, the due-date for filing of the return for Assessment Year 2015- 16 was extended till August 31, 2015 in case of those taxpayers who were required to file their tax return by July 31. On August 31, the department had extended the last date for filing I-T returns by residents of Gujarat to September 7 Upfronts: ABCs New Shows and 2015-16 Schedule. by Jason Dietz, Metacritic Features Editor. Publish Date: May 12, 2015.After successfully launching a third ABC series (How to Get Away With Murder) last season, producer Shonda Rhimes returns with a fourth in early 2016. ping.15bk.darktech.org16 минут, 2 секунды назад.Рейтинг: 12.8. Отзывы и комментарии о Income tax return 2015 last date. However, taking into consideration that the last date for making declarations under the Income Declaration Scheme 2016 is also 30th September, 2016, theCheck Latest Status of Various Petition filed against non extension of Due date of Tax Audit and Income Tax Return (ITR) for AY 2015-16. This is a list of all personnel changes that occurred during the 2015 National Basketball Association (NBA) off-season and 201516 NBA season. Off-season. Season. Off-season. Season. Free agency negotiation started on July 1, 2015, with players being able to sign starting July 9 Last dates for filing tds, vat, service tax and income tax returnsProfessional tax return filing due date in maharashtra fy 2014-15 ay 2015 -16. HRA Self Declaration format if Landlord does not have PAN Card. Last date of filing of income tax return for FY 1516 isHow do I get income tax return details for the last 3 years in India? Can I file an IT return for 2015-16 now? Its not accepting online, though I tried to file under 139 (4).

Last date extended upto 5th August 2016 for filing Income Tax returns: CBDT.Comparison of Income Tax Calculation with Examples (AY 2018-19, AY 2017-18, AY 2016-17 AY 2015-16, AY 2014-15). 7th Pay Commission : Grant of Extra Work Allowance (abolition of existing Library Allowance). Budget 2015-16.KARACHI: President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Muffasar Atta Malik has demanded that the last date for filing income and sales tax returns be extended by up to December 31 to facilitate the taxpayers facing problems in filing their returns because of different Income-tax returns for Assessment Year 2015-16 for certain categories of assessees viz companies, and firms, individuals engaged in proprietaryAfter consideration of all facts, it has been decided that the last date for filing of returns due by 30th September 2015 will not be extended. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by July 31. But in view of the day-long strike at public sector banks, the 2015/16 AY Cal July 26, 2012. SJSU Academic Year Calendar 2015/16.CC - Cesar Chavez Day CD - Census Date CH - Christmas Holiday. MU - Final Exams Makeup Day SC - Study/Conference Day RH - Rescheduled Holiday. The last date for filing annual return by AOP and companies, whose year close between July to December, is September 30.SBP lifts restrictions on import of US Dollar. 12:16 AM By Anjali.Withholding tax rate card for fiscal year 2015/2016 by Ali July 14, 2015 (90,570). New Delhi: The government on Wednesday extended the last date for filing of income tax returns for 2011-12 by a month.The ministry had earlier announced that Income Tax returns for assessment year 2015-16 could now be electronically-verified. Предложено в качестве ответа Visakh16MVP 16 июня 2015 г. 5:34.This will give you the last Monday inclusive, meaning if the date is a Monday then it will return same date. You can substract one day if you want it to be exclusive. November 2015. Registration begins this month for Spring semester classes. Dates and times vary per student and academic department.1 For returning NY students, financial aid application deadline for the 2015-16 academic year 9 Last day of classes 12 Summer term tuition payment due 15 Health IMPORTANT : Last date to file your income tax return for Assessment Year 2015-16 (FY 2014-15) without penalty is 31st March 2016 read here. days. return date. Day of the week. news.Countdown. Family Guy. 16. The Last Kingdom. 2. unknown. link. The Last Ship. Income Tax Return 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16Filed Under: Income Tax Tagged With: ITR last date extended. « Online Filing of RTI Application extended to 37 Ministries. For eg. due date of filing for FY 2015-16 was extended till 5th August, 2016. Read Article : Difference between Assessment Year and Financial Year.Last date to submit belated return. Using the DATE For example, the following formula returns the year for 28 April, 2015: YEAR(DATE(2015,4,28)). As a serial number representing the date (for more information on how dates are stored in Excel, please see Excel date format). As per law, if you have form 16, including men s casual wingtips.But, before this, last Date For Revised Income Tax Return Filing. You should ready to pay the penalty 10 Under section 271F, sledujcch, income belated ITR can only be filed up to the end of next year. For example, if you have had an income between 1st April 2014 and 31 March 2015, then 2014-15 will be referred to as FY. Assessment Year (AY) is the year in which you file returns i.e 2015-16. The last date to file returns for the financial year 2014-2015 is July 31st 2015. It returns the last date of the Month that contains the specified date in it. It is a Sql Server native function, not dependent on the .NET CLR.Example 4: Current/Previous/Previou-to-Previous months lastdate using EOMONTH. Income Tax Return Due Date AY 2015-16. Sr no. Particulars.TRANSACTION,3,last date to deposit tds,1,LAST DATE TO FILE ETDS RETURNS ,2,last date to file itr 2007-08 extended,1,late deposit of tds,2,LATE FILING OF ITR-V,20,late funishing of return,4,late payment of service tax,4,latest The act also states who should file their returns and who should not. In this article, we would cover about the last date of filing income tax return for assessment year 2015-16. what is the due date of Income Tax Return Filing of Co operative society for F Y 2015-16.Hello, I want to know last date of IT return filling ay 16-17 for partenership firm. Below is several due dates and last dates of filing of Income-tax returns .Income-tax slab rates for Individual for FY 2014-15 / AY 2015-16. What if, I do not submit ITR-V within 120 days ? Revise (Correct) your Income-tax return. Thanks for that. It still doesnt seem to sort the leap year issue out. I changed getdate() to DECLARE testdate datetime SET testdate20160229, I now get Previous Monday date last year2015-02-16 and Previous Sunday date last year New Delhi: The last date for filing income-tax returns has been extended to August 5. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17)"In view of todays bank strike and disturbance in JK, the due date of IT return filing is being extended," Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia said in a tweet today. Last date for submitting ITR return form for AY 23015-2016 has been extended to 31st August 2015.Dear Sir, kindly give me information that section 87A (Rebate Rs. 2000/-) is applicable for the A.Y. 2015-16 for those income is below Rs. MCA has extended the last date for filing of financial statements and annual returns (2015-16) using e-forms AOC-4, AOC-4(XBRL), AOC 4(CFS) or MGT 7, as the case may be, without payment of additional fee, wherever applicable, till 29 Nov. Sunil Parmar July 16, 2016 at 1:13 pm. Dear Sir, Due date for file TCS return is as under: Quarter Due date from 01/06/2016.Dear sir I am asking about tds Q4 last date , please tell me your answer. Thanking you.

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