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Select the "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2)" from the "Game" menu. To get here press up or down on the directional pad on your PlayStation DualShock 3 controller.We suggest naming them something obvious, such as "PS1 Memory" or "PS2 Game Saves." nope. you need ps1 card for ps1 games. rocketman001. Member Since: November 17, 2007.8 Posted by rocketman001 (874 posts) - 9 years, 11 months ago. No you need a Ps1 memory card to save PS1 games. skitz8. Does a ps2 memory card work in ps1.Watch Here is tutorial some videos about Ps1 Games On Ps2 Memory Card. Video Game Memory Cards Expansion Packs | eBay Shop from the worlds largest selection and best deals for Video Game Memory Cards Expansion Packs. Some games yes, some no, the only way to know is to try. As far as PS2 memory cards go (pretty sure the same holds true for PS1 memory cards), they are all manufactured the same way in every region. This is why you can use a Japanese controller on an NTSC PS2, and a NTSC memory card with imported games. Try formatting that PS1 memory card please note you can not transfer PS2 saves to a PS1 card! I play Spyro on my PS2, but Ive heard you need a PS1 memory card to save it, cause it wont work otherwise. Is that true? I know that the PS1 has no MagicGate support and thus cant read/write PS 2 saves. However, is MagicGate required to access the card at all, or could one write non-encrypted files to a PS2 memory card, and access them from a PS1? Did you know that if you have a PS2 that can run UlaunchELF, you have the power to transfer PS1 save games found onto the Internet and transfer it to your PS1 memory card? What if I want to backup a save game from my Memory Card onto the PC? This guide can also be used in reverse to copy PS1 Save files onto the PC. Follow most of the steps backwards, copying the save file from the Memory card to the USB device. Professional 128MB Memory Card Save Game Data Stick for Sony Playstation2 PS2 Memory Card Save Game Progress. Will I need a PS1 memory card, or does PS2 card do it? Thanks. And, sorry if this is elementary. Im new to PS2.

My cousins so stupid. He thought he could use a PS1 card to save PS2 games! Post by Don PS2 memory card in my PS2 machine. The game doesnt recognize the card.

But I heard you can copy old PS1 files to PS2 cards for storage, but it doesnt mean you can access them using PS1 games. PS2, then all PS1 games are backwards compatible. PS1 memory card since they can NOT be saved on a PS2 memory card.Product Number. When playing PS1 games on a PS2, the system does not appear to recognise the memory card. A Memory Card is an accessory made by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles. The memory card was used for making game saves. At the time, this was very revolutionary. PS1 games cannot read a PS2 memory card. They can only read PS1 memory cards.Like stated above to save PS1 games you need a PS1 MC but if you want to backup your games from PS1 MC the browser will allow you to copy from PS1 As PS1 games are on CD there is no way to save your progress without a memory card like this one.These 1Mb memory cards is compatible with both the original PS1 and the PS1 Slim console. Выбираем Save memory card 1 to memory stick (можно выбрать и вторую, это зависит от того, на какой слот вы сохранялись). Нажимаем Exit, затем Return to Game! Выходим из игры. PS1 games require a PS1 memory card. May 25, 2011 hey guys. Sony Playstation 2 capable of loading ULaunchELF (If the above doesnt make any sense to you, please look into the Playstation 2 Memory Card ExploitNEW Memory Card for PS1 - Also works on PS2 to save PS1 Games. | eBay! Aadaki Can u save ps1 games on ps2 memory card resimli iirler "kayt tarihine" gre listelenmektedir."Can u save ps1 games on ps2 memory card resimli iiri" ile ilgili iir bulunamad. daha detayl arama yapmak iin tklayn. Looks like PS1 games cant recognize PS2 memory cards. However you can apparently transfer over your PS1 saved files onto your PS2 cards. Im not entirely sure what this will get you. Lost User Guest. PS2 Memory cards with PS1 games. Hey everyone I was wondering can you save PS1 games on a PS2 memory card? I havent had any sucess yet . If you cant is there a way to make it so you can (like some kind of mod). PS2/PS1 Memory Cards. PUT YOUR SPEAKERS TO A LOW VOLUME I had my speakers low when I recorded the voice portion on audacity and put the gain of the db to max, so myHow to transfer your ps1 saved games to a ps2 memory card vice versa. 5.95 USD. Brand new 1MB Playstation Memory Card. Colors may vary. Equipped with 15 blocks of memory, the Playstation 1 MB Memory Card can save or reload your PS1 game data. Can be used on a PS2 system only for PS1 games. Well, PS2 memcards were big enough so unless you had a fuck huge ton of games or the bad luck of owning those with big save files, one card was usually more than enough.

It always bothered me that I couldnt save my PS1 games on a PS2 memory card. Neoseeker Forums » PS2 Games » General PS2 » PS1 games saves on PS2 memory card?Just got Final Fantasy VII and before I start playing Id really like to know if I can save the game on my PS2 memory card? So basically i want to know with my ps2 (older large one that is not modded), what exactly would i have to do to get my ps2 memory card saves to my computer.It will then show you all of the Game Saves on the PCSX2 Memory Card file. if all i have a is ps2, swap magic, a dvd burner and blank dvds? i have a ps1 memory card and a ps2 memory card. can i just burn the .mcs imageplaying final fantasy tactics and a few other games on a ps emulator but i just bought a new ps2 and i dont want to start again from scratch. im still waiting Plug the PS2 memory card that has corrupted data on it into one of the memory card ports on the console.Never remove a memory card while it is saving information. This is how most memory cards become corrupted. ICON0.PNG in the table represents all the multimedia files supported by the XMB for this format like images, audio, etc same format than PS3. See: Content Information Files - Saved Data Utility (PS3). The PS2 memory card file system has a fairly simple design Can I have a detailed tutorial from the creation to the disc to a saved game example? Is that much to ask?. Hans Mar 1 15 at 15:20. Hans Sorry, Ive never used it. Ive got plenty of real PS2 memory cards. Searching for "Open PS2 Loader tutorial" turns up a number of tutorials. Ive tried saving it on my PS2 memory card, and it didnt work. I think you have to get the Playstaion Memory card, but dont worry, if you get one used, its only like 5.00. You shouldnt have to restart the game every time you play. A normal DVD PS2 game will use a virtual memory card created by the user.Yes I have just had conformation that previous PS2/PS1 saves will not be compatible with the digital PS Store versions of the game. HDProjectV1.07 release (1180 КБ). - Use MCSIOEMU v0.6 (IDE HDD) module from "Romz", for both gui and game mc emulation.Console: SCPH-77008 (Matrix Infinity v1.93) 2x DualShock 2 8MB Memory Card PS1 MC Flash Trascend 2GB Software: uLaunchELF v4.12 SMS v2.4 PGen Try using a ps2 to ps3 memory card adaptor. Im not sure if it will work but its worth.a shot.I was just wondering how it was done. At the moment theres no actual game saves I want to download, but I might want to mess around with a lot of the exploits and Id like to back up both my PS1 and PS2 memory cards, but have no clue where to start.I just use freemcboot to load into ulaunch then transfer the game saves to a usb stick. Выбираем Save memory card 1 to memory stick (можно выбрать и вторую, это зависит от того, на какой слот вы сохранялись). Нажимаем Exit, затем Return to Game! Выходим из игры. The PS3 is able to absorb save-data from an old PS1 card, meaning card reformatting is not necessary. You can ensure that the space on the first-generation PlayStation memory cards doesnt go to waste. Also, you can reformat to wipe out old PS1 game saves that you no longer want. I have problem with Sony PS2 Slim (wont read games). I have save from PS 1 Memory Card from console. File BESCES-00984GT without extension. Is it possible to convert for ePSXe? The ps2 game saves on the ps3 are in a different format, Sonys adapter converts them when transferring from the ps2 memory card to the ps3s virtual ps2 memory card. Theirs no software out yet that can convert them from other saves On PS2 models be sure to use PS1 memory cards if you are running a PS1 game - PS2 memory cards are not compatible with PS1 games running on the PS2. However, it is possible to copy saved files from PS1 cards to a PS2 card in order to save space. Can you save PS1 games onto PS2 memory cards?Dont play your PS1 game without it. This memory card is compatible for the PS1 or the PS2 console to save PS1 games only. It will not work with PS2 games. Howdy, I play FFVIII on my new PS2 machine. I try to save my game, but the game didnt recognize my PS2 Memory Card.Thats not what I meant. i was talking about how the PS2 cant utilize PS 1 memory cards for PS2 games. You can back up PS1 saves to a PS2 memory card, but youd have to copy it back to the PS1 memory card to use it.5 Posted by Stray (118 posts) - 8 years, 8 months ago. Well if youre playing the ps1 games on a ps2, yeah. Im aware that you cant save a PS1 game to a PS2 memory card (something I learnt the hard way after a few hours on FF7 without saving). So I hunted all over my local town for a PS1 card and eventually found one. NEW Memory Card for PS1 - Also works on PS2 to save PS1 Games. YES -- you can use this memory card on the PS2 when playing PS1 games so that you can save your PS1 game progress. Подробнее. Ordinarily, PS1 and PS2 saves are stored on virtual memory cards occupying an insignificant amount of space on the PS3s hard drive physical memory cards are no longer required. So ultimately you have to ask yourself if a Why does ps2 console not save ps1 games? just insert a ps1 memory card in slot 1, then it will save your ps1 game.How do you delete saved games from a ps2 memory card? PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN NOT TRANSFER PS2 SAVES TO A PS1 CARD! Today I show you how to transfer your ps1 game saves to a ps2 memory card as well as transfer Recently I bought a PS2 and have been getting a lot of games for it again lately both PS2 and PS1. But as of recently I found out I needed a PS1 memory card for PS1 games but heres the new problem.

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